Shir Chadash 700

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About Shir Chadash:

Shir Chadash Shabbat, featuring Tifereth Israel Synagogue’s Shir Chadash Band, enhances our Kabbalat Shabbat service with music and ruach (spirit). Shir Chadash, which means “a new song,” complements Kabbalat Shabbat services on the third (usually) Friday of each month.

This unique Shabbat service is enlivened with the combination of instrumental music, old and new. Accompanying the Friday night service with traditional, rock, and world music melodies, Shir Chadash enhances our service bringing more joy to our Shabbat experience.

cf2c21de-bdaa-4063-963a-154bdadbf173Upcoming Performance Dates

  • October 21st
  • November 18th
  • December 16th
  • January 20th
  • February 17th
  • March 17th

Praise for Shir Chadash!

  • “Three generations sat side-by-side in the sanctuary last Friday night and enjoyed a wonderful, warm Kabbalat Shabbat service, in large part due to the musical group Shir Chadash! Please bring them back again and again. It makes us want to come to services!!!”
    – Lisa A. Berman-Hernandez
  • “Shir Chadash was very inspirational with lovely melody chanting, beautiful music blended together by the guitars, clarinet, piano, and added drum beat. The children were dancing in the aisles and their parents were clapping to the beat of the songs. It was a unique addition to the service.”
    – Bill and Barbara Sperling
  • “We very much enjoyed the Shir Chadash Shabbat. The band was terrific. It’s great to see the “hidden” talents of our members…. And for two “senior” adults who get a little lazy about coming to Friday evening services, it sparked a desire to get back in the “swing” of attending Shabbat services. Looking forward to the 3rd Fridays of the month to again enjoy services.”
    – Rory and Mel Goldberg
  • “The addition of the Shir Chadash Shabbat is an exciting and innovative way to keep Jewish tradition and prayer alive, vibrant and fun. Rabbi Len has done it again. Tifereth Israel Synagogue is the place to be on Friday nights to welcome the Sabbath with friends and family.”
    – Stephen Ghio
  • “As a regular participant in Friday evening services, I was curious how the new Shir Chadash service would seem. Would it be as meaningful as the regular service, would the usual “warm and community” feeling be lost? Would it drag on forever? How good could the musicians and singers be? After attending, my simple response was that I was “blown away” by the sound, feeling, and inclusion the program provided. The spiritual joy and celebration of the shabbat made me think I was back in Israel at a neighborhood shul where everyone participated and truly rejoiced. I can’t wait for the next month’s service… Just don’t have it on November 19th since I will be out of town. Great job… and many kudos to the entire band and vocalists. They look like they were having as much fun as we in the congregation were…”
    – Stuart Karasik

The Musicians

Christina de Jesus (vocals) has been singing since she was able to talk. She sang first soprano in jazz and classical choirs from junior high to her freshman year at Cal, but quit in her second year there to focus on her electrical engineering studies. After a few years spent wishing she were singing regularly again, she heard about Shir Chadash and thought it sounded fun. These days, when she’s not working on songs with her on-again off-again bandmate, she also sings second soprano with the San Diego Choral Club.

Bob Holloway (clarinet) is a retired public school teacher. After 34 years in the classroom, he started a video production company in La Mesa. He and Marlene joined TIS about 22 years ago. Bob started playing clarinet when he was 12 years old. He is self taught. He enjoys playing with the other talented members of the synagogue musicians.

Susan Levy (piano) – I started playing piano at the age of 5 and took classical lessons from Mr. Rubini each week. My parents never had to remind me to practice my lessons. I loved playing and it was never boring. I also learned how to accompany singers even if they made a mistake. My father was a singer and I would play for him when he sang. His voice was so beautiful and powerful that sometimes I would find myself in tears when he sang Jewish songs or show tunes. As I grew older I played piano for college talent shows, for singers, and at one time I even played at a piano bar here in San Diego! I got involved in the old Showtime shows at TIS in the 80’s as the piano player and director. I have really enjoyed learning new melodies for the Shabbat prayers and working with our little band, Shir Chadash. It’s been so much fun and I’m looking forward to playing for our Friday night services each month.

David Ogul (guitar) – If he had his choice, David Ogul would be playing center field for his beloved Los Angeles Dodgers. Sadly, he lacks just two things: youth and talent. So he spends much of his time playing guitar, a hobby he’s developed over the last several decades. David was once a regular on the guitar at blues jams in bars across the region, and he has been a member of a few jazz and rock bands in the past. When he’s not jamming or davening, David – a former editor at The San Diego Union-Tribune – works as a writer and editor at his company, OgulCommunications

Ted Stern (bass) – Growing up in the Boro Park area of Brooklyn, Ted Stern was the kid who was trudging off to violin lessons instead of playing stickball or basketball like all the normal boys. Later on, he picked up the guitar, choosing a chartreuse Gretsch for his Bar Mitzvah present, and dragging his nylon string to Israel with him on Ramah Seminar in 1972 – playing it in Jerusalem, on Mount Sinai and in the Judean Hills. At Princeton he taught himself the pedal steel guitar, experimenting with jazz fusion styles as well as traditional country rock college bands, and after graduating, spent a year in Austin playing violin, steel, and guitar, and touring around Texas until he got tired of the exciting life of an impoverished sideman. Returning to his studies, he attended graduate school at Berkeley, playing five nights a week as a union musician at a card room in Concord, which in those days, covered his UC tuition. After graduating and moving to San Diego in 1979, Ted played in various bands ranging from the new wave Tami and the Monthlies, to the Tom Petty tribute band N’Ocean, to local recording artist Dawn Jackson and Hatfield Rain, Jim Rock, and Brenda Doss. In the last few years, he has played with the renewable energy edutainment groups Circus Guy and Solar Punch, playing a State Department sponsored Goodwill Ambassador tour in Egypt and gigs in New York and elsewhere spreading the hopeful news of a renewable energy future. He currently plays with local San Diego bands City Limits and the San Diego Country Rockin’ Rebels, and of course, Shir Chadash.