Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal

Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal

Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal

Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal is a native Californian and grew up in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles.

While attending High School he also attended the Los Angeles Hebrew High, and was involved with numerous synagogue and youth activities. Rabbi Rosenthal received his B.A. from the University of California in San Diego and attended the Hebrew University in Jerusalem during his junior year.

After graduating college he entered rabbinical school at the University of Judaism in Los Angeles, where he received a B.L. degree. He continued his studies at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York where he received his M.A. and rabbinic ordination. Rabbi Rosenthal served congregations in New Jersey, Florida and Orange County, California before becoming rabbi of Tifereth Israel Synagogue in San Diego, California, where he has served for over twenty years.

He is an Executive Board member of the Pacific Southwest Region of the Rabbinical Assembly and a Past President of the San Diego Rabbinical Association.

He and his wife, Judy, have three children: Adina, and her husband Jeremy; Adam, and his wife Sarah; and Margalit; two grandsons, Neriya Yitzchak and Zecharya Heschel Rosenthal and twin granddaughters, Michal Yedidya and Esther Netanya Rosenthal; and twin grandsons, Elijah Lev and Zev Augustus Gerstle.

You can send email to the rabbi at rabbi@tiferethisrael.com.

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On My MindComments and News from Rabbi Rosenthal


12/15 – Here are new videos of our Ratner Torah School Students enjoying Shabbat at morah Miryam and Daniel’s home:





11/19 – Dr. Franklin Gaylis and Shoah survivor Hannah Marx share their experiences at Dr. Gaylis’ presentation “From Shtetle to Shtele” at Tifereth Israel Synagogue.

11/5 – Today was Grandparents Day at Tifereth Israel’s Silverman Preschool. Just look at all of those happy faces!

10/22 – Tifereth Israel Synagogue staff members recently brushed up on their CPR and first aid skills at an in-house training session.

10/15 The Tifereth Israel Synagogue Braun Library now has two copies of the Allan Dershowitz film, “The Case for Israel,” available for check-out.

First Harvest from the Silverman Preschool garden: Corn for the Rabbi8/13 – The Silverman Preschool honored me with the first ear of corn from their garden!

5/13 – On Wednesday I attended a performance of “The Whipping Man” at the Old Globe theater in Balboa Park with members of the congregation and my Hebrew High class. “The Whipping Man” takes place in the days following the Civil War in Virginia. A Jewish Confederate soldier returns to his childhood home, only to find it in ruins and occupied by his former slaves who are preparing for a seder.

The play was excellent and raised a multitude of questions about slavery, Passover, and the meaning of newfound freedom.

I urge you to attend, either with our Sisterhood on Sunday, June 13th at 3:00 p.m. or on your own.

You may also want to consider seeing “Golda’s Balcony,” with Tovah Feldshuh with our congregation on Sunday, May 23rd at 6:00 p.m. or on your own.


5/10 – If you like satire click on the link below to read the “Phoenix New Times” riff on Arizona’s recent immigration law:


5/7 – Our Silverman Preschool students spent Friday morning at Mission Trails Park with their moms as a Mothers Day treat.

4/20 – My “Secret Shopper” has informed me that Costco in La Mesa has two fine Israeli wines on sale: Yarden Chardonnay (2007) at $14.99, and Galil Mountain Merlot (2007) at $12.99. L’Chaim!

4/7 – This is an awesome video about stupidity and idiocy of those who call for a boycott of Israel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saeky9I5T9c

4/2 – I just read an article on CNN.com in which an Iranian comedian said that Iranians and Arabs should not mark “Caucasian” on their census forms but rather “other.” (Arab- and Persian-American campaign: ‘Check it right’ on census) Judy and I also marked “other” on our census forms because we believe that we are Jews (similar to Samoans, Latinos, etc.) and not “Caucasian”  What do  you think?

3/4 – Elisheva Green, of San Diego’s Friendship Circle, visited my Hebrew High Class this week to teach students about the challenges faced by children living with special needs. The Friendship Circle is always looking for volunteers. For more information please visit their website www.fcsdiego.com.

2/9 – In the past when I took synagogue groups to Israel we davened in a mixed minyan at the back of the Kotel (Western Wall) plaza. In the future this may no longer be possible, as the entire plaza is slowly but surely being turned into an Orthodox synagogue. Rabbi David Golinkin, President of Israel’s Schechter Institute and our recent Abraham and Anne Ratner Scholar-in-Residence, recently wrote a teshuva (religious opinion) about the history and religious status of the Kotel and surrounding areas. To read it click here . (Thanks to Laurie Gore for bringing this to my attention.)

2/8 – Over 80 Abraham Ratner Torah School students and TIS Congregants participated in the National Federation of Men’s Club World Wide Wrap on Feb. 7. The service and pancakes were exceptional!

2/4 – Today’s Kosher Tidbit: Cheeze Whiz was used to createPat’s Cheese Steak the first Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich because Pat Olivieri, who founded Pat’s King of Steaks in 1930, did not allow any cheese on the grill due to  his “Kosher friends.” A melted pan of Cheese Whiz on the side solved the problem. (As reported by his son, the current owner of Pat’s, on the Travel Channel’s “Chowdown Countdown,” episode 20-1)

1/28 – Although it was not reported in the press, I was pleased to learn that when the Israeli delegation returned from Haiti they left their field hospital and equipment to help additional earthquake victims.

1/14  – The Jewish community is reaching out to earthquake victims in Haiti. You may contribute to the rescue effort through San Diego’s Jewish Federation or the American Jewish World Service. Our Minyan Fund just made a $300.00 contribution to the relief efforts.

1/13 – It was cold outside during our Silverman Preschool Snow Day. Only in sunny San Diego do you have to make snow to play in it!

1/7 –Vine Ripe, the Middle Eastern market on Fletcher Parkway (near Costco and Babys R Us), recently reopened under new ownership. I am happy to report that they are now carrying Israeli products!

12/24 – This evening Judy and I will be attending the San Diego Rabbinical Association (SDRA) Party.This annual event is always scheduled on the evening of December 24. It is one of the rare times of the year when almost none of us have something scheduled!

12/17 – Did you know that the micro processor (Intel 8088) for the first IBM personal computer that revolutionized home computing was developed in Israel?

11/19 – I just began reading In Defense of Israel by Pastor John Hagee, founder of Christians United For Israel. I am just five chapters in but I am already surprised at how open and honest he is about the historically unpleasant relationship between Jews and Christians and the suspicions many Jews have of Evangelical Christians and their support of Israel. I will keep you posted as I continue through the book.

On sale now for only $1.61 on Amazon.com!

11/10 – The Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, recently ran an article stating that the Palestinian Authority is considering declaring Palestinian statehood within the pre 1967 and asking for the U.N’s endorsement. (http://haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1126594.html) This is of great concern since it would make Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem and other areas “illegal.” If such a move is made we must be prepared to ask the United States Government to exercise its veto on the Security Council.

11/6 – You may have noticed my recent obsesion with takingeveryone’s picture. No, we are not posting them on Youtube!

Our synagogue database recently added a feature which allows us to place a photograph of our adults and children on their membership  records.

Synagogues are often acused of being impersonal institutions. Inclusion of your “mug shot” in our database will help us learn to put your names and faces together!

10/27 – Doesn’t the newly refurbished Braun Library look cool? It will have computers and A/V equipment in addition to books and magazines. Watch for the upcoming Grand Re-Opening!