Midrash Shabbat

Midrash Shabbat: The Golden Calf

Saturday, June 11th, following Shabbat Services and a Kiddush Luncheon

GoldCalfA Sociodrama: After Moses went up Mt. Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments the Children of Israel built a Golden Calf. During this Midrash Shabbat we will explore what was on Israel’s, Aaron’s, Moses’, and God’s mind during this ignominious event. Rabbi Rosenthal will be our presenter.

Our Kiddush Luncheon is being graciously hosted by Annette Feigenbaum and Norman Kort in loving memory of their departed loved ones; their parents Lucien (z”l 6 Kislev) and Shirley (z”l 14 Elul) Feigenbaum and Rebecca (z”l 7 Tammuz) and Joseph Zalmon (z”l 18 Av) Kort and brother Maurice Jacob Kort (z”l 6 Cheshvan).

If you’re interested in sponsoring a Midrash Shabbat contact Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal.


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