Volunteer: It's good for the heart!

Why you should volunteer…

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Yad b’Yad: Make a Difference in Someone’s Life

As a group of volunteers, we want to assist our members with maintaining their independence. We are available to assist and provide support, if needed, for example: food shopping, transportation to appointments, friendly visiting, short outings, or a ride to the synagogue.

Yad b’Yad (Hand in Hand) encourages members and their families to reexamine their own needs and feelings so that we can provide the assistance they need. Our goal is to ensure that our members maintain feelings of autonomy while remaining active in our community. We would like to supplement and support the member to retain their dignity and achieve the activities he or she desires.

Whether you need some support or are able to be part of our volunteer team, contact Beth and she will put our volunteer coordinators in touch with you. You may reach her at program@tiferethisrael.com or phone (619) 697-6001 ext. 108.

Tifereth Israel’s Morning Minyan needs your help!

For years Tifereth Israel has held a daily morning minyan. The minyan has been here for those who are reciting Kaddish and observing a Yarhzeit or want to begin their day with prayer and reflection. We are fortunate to have a core of “minyanaires” who attend on a daily basis or several times a week.

Could you help us complete a minyan by attending a minyan service once a month, once a week, or as often as you can? Minyan meets at 8:30 a.m. on Sundays and at 7:30 a.m. Mondays through Fridays. Our minyan is egalitarian and welcoming. Membership in Tifereth Israel Synagogue is not required to attend. Following services join us for the best bagel breakfast in town, served with delicious coffee and juice. You’ll get to know this special group of fellow congregants and you will be performing a tremendous mitzvah.

You can just show up or let us know your availability by emailing or phoning the office at 619) 697-6001.

Do More Than Shop at Traditions

Traditions Gift Shop is looking for a volunteer or two to give some time to ensure the Gift Shop is open on a regular basis. This is a wonderful opportunity to be right in the “hub” of the comings and goings and a great way to meet people. If you are interested email traditions@tiferethisrael.com or call (619) 697-6001 ext. 107.

Read About This!

The Braun Library welcomes your involvement, assisting visitors including students and families from our Silverman Preschool and Abraham Ratner Torah School. No experience is necessary. Contact Susan Braun, (library@tiferethisrael.com) Chairperson and let her know you’re interested.

Jewish BIGPals: A Mentor. A Companion. A Friend.

Jewish BIGPals provides one-on-one mentoring for children by matching them with caring Jewish adults. Big Pals are 19 or older who are carefully screened, trained, and supervised. They provide friendship and enriching experiences for Jewish boys and girls, Little Pals, ages 6 to 16. Little Pals are from families who may have experienced the loss or absence of a parent.

Learn more at www.jfssd.org/bigpals or contact Diane Marks Schachat at (858) 637-3371 or dianes@jfssd.org.

An Open Invitation

Tifereth Israel invites you to share your time and talents to enhance our congregational community. Whether you have many hours to offer or just a few now and then, your efforts will not go unnoticed and will certainly be appreciated. Click here to take the first step by filling out our volunteer interest form because we want you, we need you, and volunteering is good for the heart!

Turn in your completed form to a member of our office staff and have the best volunteer experience ever!

New Volunteer Opportunities

Bookmark this page and come back here to see when your help is needed on a new project, an upcoming event, the schools… You never know where you may be needed next!