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A New Face in the LibraryBraun 1602

The new year brought a new face to the Braun library.
Mark Harryman, the youth services librarian at the Hervey Branch Library in Point Loma, will be working at our library on Sunday mornings.
Mark has a masters degree in information and library science from San Jose State University.
Besides his library skills, Mark is also sharing his talent as a musician with students in our religious school. He earned a bachelor of arts degree, majoring in music, at San Diego State University and also completed extensive coursework in music education at SDSU.
Please stop by the library and welcome him to the TIS community.

What We Do and How We Do it

Our Braun library, which is self-supporting, is thriving thanks to generous contributions from its friends.

Because of outstanding work by our volunteers and synagogue staff, the library is busier than ever. Our pre-school has grown so large that our volunteers are now reading stories with Jewish content or values to five different groups of children each month. Our Torah school and adult-ed classes make good use of the library’s books, computers and audio-visual center.

Our book cart is present at each Shir Chadash oneg and each Midrash Shabbat kiddush lunch. We continually purchase new books and videos, and welcome suggestions from congregants. At regular intervals, synagogue members pick up amazing bargains at our used-book sales.

Two exciting new programs spearheaded by the congregation’s program director, Beth Klareich, have been very successful. Under the “One Book” program, congregants read “Son of Hamas,” then gathered for a spirited discussion, led by Rabbi Rosenthal, followed by a screening of the documentary “The Prince,” which is based on the book. Once a month, Beth chooses a movie from the library for a Sunday afternoon screening, an event that has proven to be quite popular.

The library is open to all Tifereth members from 3:30 to 6 p.m. on Wednesdays and on Sunday mornings from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. when Torah school is in session, and also by special appointment.

More than ever, we believe, the library is making a positive impact on our synagogue. And we are deeply grateful to those whose financial contributions help us continue to build our collections and programs, and to maintain our technical support. If you would like to be one of our backers, please consider making a donation today. All contributions are tax deductible, of course.

And look for our article in each month’s Shofar to keep up with our newest acquisitions.

Our motto is simple and to the point: “The written word…the spoken word…the spirit of Judaism.”

Five ways you can help our library grow

  1. Join the library committee.
  2. Contribute to the Library Fund. The library is entirely dependent on contributions to add new books and DVDs to the collection. We want to continue adding the best new literature for Jewish children as well as popular and worthy material for adults. A gift to the Library Fund is a heartfelt way to honor someone or express your sympathy. Library Fund donations are acknowledged in the Shofar, a book plate is placed in a new book noting your gift, and an appropriate letter is sent. To contribute to the Library Fund, contact the synagogue office or select the “Library Fund” from the online donation options.
  3. Celebrate a child or teen’s birthday with a Birthday Book Club purchase.
  4. Purchase a book or DVD from our Amazon Wish List.
  5. Let us know what you want in the library.


Contact us at or by leaving a message with the synagogue office at (619) 697-6001.

The Library Committee

Susan Braun
Wendy Falcon
Gabi Fisdel
Abe and Bea Goldberg
Susan Hayman
Barbara Jacobs
Susan Keller
Judy Shear
Edith Standler

Our library’s mission is to provide Jewish books, DVDs, and CDs for the children, adults, and teachers of our congregation.