Since 1905, Tifereth Israel Synagogue has been unique in San Diego County, representing both tradition and innovation in the Jewish community. Large enough to offer diversity but small enough to be warm and personal, Tifereth Israel Synagogue creates a foundation for an authentic Jewish experience. We invite you to participate in Tifereth Israel Synagogue as your Bet Tefillah, house of prayer, your Bet Midrash, house of learning, and your Bet Knesset, house of assembly.

When it came time to build the Mishkan, the desert Tent of worship, every Israelite was expected to make a financial contribution. The Torah did not specify a set amount, rather, “The Lord spoke to Moses, saying: ‘Tell the Israelite people to bring Me gifts; you shall accept gifts from every person whose heart so moves him.’” (Ex. 25:2-3)

Every Israelite was expected to bring a freewill offering, of their own choosing, to build the sanctuary, but God did not say how much. God had faith in the Israelites. God knew that because of their love and faith that they would be as generous as possible.

Learn more about T’rumah, our new financial sustainability model.

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